ACA Structure

ACA Strategic Plan

The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association Board of Directors is responsible for the association’s membership and beef checkoff programs of work. This board is a large body made up of the state’s 67 county chapter Presidents, the Past Presidents of the association, and the association’s Lifetime Directors. The board also includes 12 Regional Vice Presidents, four of which are appointed each year to serve a 3 year term. The board also includes the association’s state officers which are President, President-Elect, Vice President, Treasurer, and Executive Vice President. The association’s Executive Committee includes the state officers, the four outgoing Regional Vice Presidents, the two immediate Past Presidents, and three former state Presidents.

Individuals join the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association by joining their county cattlemen’s chapter. Those living outside Alabama or wishing not to join a county chapter can simply join as state members. County chapters retain 1/3 of dues revenue for in-county use and the remainder is used as the state level for member services and a $1 PAC contribution. All members and all county chapters share an equal membership cost across the board, regardless of chapter size or number of cattle owned. Cattle ownership is not required to join the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association.

This simple and straight-forward approach to the organization’s structure and make-up has been the strength of the association over the years with many county chapters going above and beyond in their local communities through volunteer work and community service. As well, some of ACA’s county chapters have recorded over 800 members with many chapters currently posting membership rolls over the 400 mark.

The Alabama Cattlemen’s Association also serves as the Qualified State Beef Council in Alabama with representation on the NCBA Federation of State Beef Councils. Each year, the ACA Board of Directors approves in-state budgets for the National and State Beef Checkoff programs.

The four officers and the twelve regional vice presidents also serve as the governing body of the Alabama Cattlemen’s Foundation. The foundation operates as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and offers the opportunity to make tax deductable donations for the educational work of the foundation. This includes operation of The MOOseum, an interactive children’s museum located on the ground floor of the ACA headquarters which hosts nearly 10,000 worldwide visitors per year and explains the importance and history of the state’s livestock industry. As well, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Foundation awards scholarships each year to the youth of Alabama’s livestock industry with over a quarter of a million dollars being awarded to date thanks in large part to sales of the “Cowboy Tag” vehicle license plate. Also, the foundation supports numerous events and organizations each year which help educate and train future generations of the livestock industry.