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Beef Lesson Plan Now Available for Family and Consumer Science Teachers:
Below are clickable links to access the beef lesson plan, recently developed for both FACS and Culinary Arts high school programs.  This plan includes step-by-step instructions for teachers to utilize our resources to teach beef in the classroom.  These resources include powerpoints, worksheets and cost effective lab ideas.  If you have any questions about the lesson plan or need a copy of “Basics About Beef” booklet, please contact Erin Beasley at the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, or 334-265-1867.

Basics About Beef  |  Beef Lesson Plan  | Beef Primal Cuts Worksheet  | Ground Beef Taste Test  |  Lesson 2 Worksheet

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Ideal for Kindergarten-2nd Grade Ideal for 3rd-5th Grade

The Alabama Junior/Senior High Beef Cook-Off was started in 1961 by the Alabama CowBelles, known today as the Alabama Cattlewomen’s Association. What began as a cooking contest, sparked enough interest in high school home economics students and teachers that the CowBelles began holding competitions in each county with the winner moving on to compete in a State Beef Cook-Off. Today, each year there are both Junior and Senior High competitions held each year. 
For more information on the Alabama Junior/Senior High Beef Cook-Off click here.