Alabama Best Steak

Qualifying Restaurants

  • Restaurant must be located in Alabama

  • Product must be a beef steak on the menu of that restaurant

  • This contest is designed for a restaurant to win. No votes will be accepted for individuals that prepare good steaks. Only restaurants can receive votes.

Methods of Voting:
  1. Visiting and clicking the "Alabama's Best steak" icon.

  2. Text BEEF to 20566

  3. Clicking through on a banner advertisement appearing on Raycom online websites throughout the state to visit the voting website

  4. Using the QR (quick response) code on posters and advertisements in restaurants.

  • Voting will begin June 20, 2013 and end on August 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM.

  • On August 16th, the "Sizzling 16" bracket will be announced which will include the top 4 vote getters from the North, Central, South and Gulf Coast regions of the state.

  • Once the Sizzling 16 is announced voters will have one week to vote in order to advance their favorite restaurant into the "Enticing 8". This will be repeated once again the following week in order to determine the "Fiery 4".
  • A team of anonymous judges will visit each restaurant in the "Fiery 4" to eat and judge a steak. Each judge will eat their choice of steak cut as they visit the restaurants.

  • Restaurants will NOT be notified when judges will visit

  • Steaks will be judged based on:
    o Overall Flavor
    o Tenderness
    o Juiciness

    The Winning Restaurant Will Be Announced After All Judging Has Been Completed